I was having a conversation a few weeks ago about the subject of finances, and the subject of an old economics teacher came up in relation to the law of attraction.


Now, many of my readers know that I am an avid believer in the principle of the law of attraction. After all, I have created this website, dedicated to the very subject at hand!


Now, getting back to my point, this particular teacher (not a very good one in my view), was teaching students in a public school in what might have been termed a less than financially affluent area or locality. However, instead of giving the children the benefit of the doubt, and using the ability he had as a teacher (but did not use), he could have instilled the principle of attraction, hope and visualisation in these students.


Instead, and to my absolute amazement, this teacher simply said that no one in the calss could ever imagine the size of a pile of $1 000 000 in front of them.


However, this teacher was actually not ready for a student of his who had actually thought about this issue and had calculated the size of the pile of $100 AU Notes in front of here and told him the exact dimensions they would represent.


So, what am I saying here? Quite simply, that a student had already imagined her situation in life getting better and had already worked out

  • the measurement of a single AUD $100 note,
  • had then calculated how many would be needed to make up $1 000 000 and then,
  • calculated the total dimensions for the complete pile of these notes.

My point here ladies and gentlemen is clear-

Even though the teacher himself could not see it in his mind and mocked the student for actually having thought about it and settled it for herself, the teacher still scorned and took fun of her.

It never ceases to amaze me how an economics teacher could be so clueless about money. However, it is not uncommon and we need to guard our own thoughts in these areas.

We attract after all, what we think about.


Have you calculated the size of the cheque you would like to be receiving for your efforts, ideas, and general contribution to society?

Knowing the answer to these issues will help you start on the path to success.


I explain the principles in a book on being able to, “I Can” here.


If you think it, you can achieve it.


I read a magnificent quote the other day, being that if you can not dream for yourself, you will be hired by someone to help them fill their dreams.


Interesting food for thought….

As an aside, I know this person who had calculated the size of $1000000. I work with her daily  now….

Testing the Law of Attraction to Completeness

There is no doubt the law of attraction works. It is however, about you learning it and applying it, through a combination of effort, belief and trial and error.  The upcoming posts will be mostly about the application of the law in your daily life and the benefits that can be found by its use.

I think that as many people are researching the Law of Attraction, they are often asking themselves if it works, and why some people people never seem to quite get the hang of it.


To best answer this important question, I would like to clarify that there is the now famous work, The Secret, that has been very much a forerunner to explaining the concepts of attraction, but there are also a series of 11 Forgotten laws that go with that very important work. These 11 Forgotten laws, include a law on attraction specifically, that goes something like when you are on a winning streak, you will continue to attract more success to you, and so on, in a compound way.


This emphasis is my own, and is based on my interpretation of this law.


Have you ever noticed that when you are confident, things start to go your way? An example can even be that you expect that you will find a parking spot, and one opens up when you approach your intended destination. This is, as simple as this example is, a demonstration of the law of attraction.


When you are starting to be , or are already successful you will find that it is easier to get results on your existing efforts, that then tumble to other good fortunes coming your way. Another way to look at this is that when you decide to do something, you will find that other opportunities start to come your way too. An example to illustrate this is that when I was looking for work, and started a particular course, all sorts of interviews  started to open up for me and I was ecstatic.

It was like putting in an order with the universe that I am ready for action and am doing something about it. My point here is that action is extremely powerful. Action is your intention to do something, and then going out and doing it. It doesn’t matter if the start is wobbly or a bit stiff- just go out there and do it actively. It really is very powerful indeed and you will see massive results, I assure you. I certainly did and am very glad that I did too. I also explain this in sites on the law off attraction and experiencing the law of attraction in our life.



You Need to Genuinely Believe to Attract

This may seem straight forward to many of you, but from my redaing and comment reading, it is still an issue for many people. The situation goes something like this:


A person really wants to have a nice big house in the suburbs, with a happy family and all the trimmings, and imagines it as happening one day. Now, on the surface, I’d say that is a really nice image to have in your mind, if you are a family minded person  and so on. However, just after this tantalising thought passes through this person’s mind, they then say to themselves mentally that they will not ever get that as they are not_____________________ and you can fill in the blank

They may think they are not smart enough, or capable enough, or any other version of the same idea. It may just be a very quiet voice or doubt in their mind, but the fact that it is there is a sign that they are not really in the frame of belief that they can attain what they want.


Now, even if you have a small doubt, no matter how small, it can grow into a giant wall or blockage to your attainment of your desire.  Please, understand me, in that we are all human, and can falter. However, you do need to work on genuinely picturing yourself as having the desired result. This can be done by belief, building images in your mind of the final result, the thinking and feeling of sensations when you are at the place you want to be. In fact, it’s like you need to fake it till it becomes true, to the point that you become the image in your mind, By becoming and being, and feeling it, you will know it and thus, be at the point where you will magically begin to attract your desires, through your actions.


You will notice I have used italics and bold letters to highlight the feelings and images that you can create in your mind, to the point that they permeate your subconscious mind. It is in the subconscious mind, that these changes start to magically take place.

Once you have started the process in your subconscious mind, you star to believe it outwardly and will then start to act and be proactive in working towards your goals. It is absolutely essential to understand that you need to be very proactive in gaining what you want. I know that you may not know each step required at the moment, but this becomes clearer as you progress towards your goals. I explain this in greater detail in my weekly report on the laws of attraction being applied in your life.

I thought about this title, and thought it was very apt.


You see, whilst many people reading this website post may well be aware of the benefits of attraction in their lives, there is also the possibility that others reading this page may be at a very low point in their lives. They may feel there is little hope and that there is no way out. I have been there and wanted to help those of you who mat be in this situation.


Firstly, the good news-


You are Definitely able to Reach Your Dreams- because you’re already reading this page! That means you have enough desire to search for answers, and a way out!

I am really pleased you are here and I consider it an honour to help you out and hopefully, give you something first to think about and then to actually do.


It does not matter how bad things are, from the point of view that of you want to, you absolutely can get out of the hole. I know this in spite of the fact that you might feel like you have failed, you have let your family, yourself, your friends down, and any one else that may be involved. I know it s not much fun (an understatement to say the least), that you are feeling this way, but again, the fact that you are here is a sign that you are ready to do something about it. That takes not only courage, but recognition, and you are already acting. That is a first step and one to be congratulated for.


Now, having reached this stage, let’s more forward.


No matter what has happened, you are always able to do something to work towards improvement.


But first, in my view, we need to think what it is that you are actually wanting to do with your life?  I knwo this may seem out of context, but actually, when we have something to aim for, we are empowered, becasue we have a rason to get up in the morning, and get going.

Naturally, we still need to enjoy the journey on the way to our goals, but this will create the burning desire to overcome all the neagtivity and bad experiences of the past. It also depends on how you choose to view those experiences. From my perspective, I prefer to see everything as an education, and an understanding of how people feel, so that I can better relate to them. Others may see this as empathy, or just feelings of understanding. Either way, I really would like you to know that no matter where you are right now, even if it all seems really bad, it will get better, if you desire it so. This is because we really can attract better in life to ourselves. It is simply about understanding that when we are able to remove ourselves from the situation, and ‘look down at it’ if you can imagine this, it can be easier to see things in perspective, almost like in aerial vision.


For this, I like to imagine myself flying over myself, and the problems, and then to see more globally, how it all looks. This can all be done in the form of meditation or by a process of imagination. Whichever works better for you, close your eyes, (but do not sleep).


Take the time to imagine yourself lifting off the ground, and seeing yourself, and then actually moving yourself forward, over the problem, and then in front if it, as it were. See yourself gradually overcoming the problem and moving forward. It does not matter how difficult things seem right now- as we do all climb over them when we need to. Remember that this is all in your imagination, and will help you see yourself moving forwsrd.


I know this may seem like a stupid game to play, if you are very analytical, but the reason that this works is that it allows you and your subconscious a perspective, and a way to see and then ‘work in the background’ to help you see and find a solution.


I know that the above and time, will heal everything, as well as of course, action in an activity that gives you joy, and hope. It does not matter how bad you may seem at it at first, but practice makes perfect. By taking this advice, which will cost you nothing, and reap you great rewards in time, you will see the difference.


I am aware that it does not work overnight and does take time, but when you look back after a week, a month and even a year, you will be amazed at the results. These processes work, and I also have programs on the right side of this page that are very good in helping people to overcome their roadblocks, as I like to call them.


One thing I have found, as well as practiced during my time as a team manager at a major engineering section of a broadcast TV station was this-  I never asked anyone to do anything that I was not able to or prepared to do myself. This is about integrity. When I recommend various ideas, it is because I have tried and used them and seen results.


What about you?


Are you willing to attract the things you want into your life starting today?




This may seem a very innocent and unimportant distinctive question, but the fact is we need to be thinking about this carefully.


What are we spending much of our free, dreaming state time thinking about? Are we thinking about our goals, the things we want and are looking forward to, or are we thinking about the credit card account we just recieved, or the next housing payment?


You may well ask what the difference is? I will tell you, the difference is what we attract into our lives. When we are worried, and that is a very unhelpful thought process, I might add, we are actually sending out energy on an issue that we are worried about and concerned about, and thus, are giving it emotion and energy. This is another way for saying we are attracting into our lives the very things that we are wanting to eliminate. The method to attract into our lives as we want is all about us actually creating the visions of what we want and then transferring those visions to reality. This is not only possible- it’s happening daily to thousands if not millions of people. We are actual;y attracting to ourseelves everything that we think and subconsciously believe.


I will say that this attraction thing is more efficient than ever. I went through a period where I was thinking about all the things I wanted to avoid, and was actually experiencing all those things in my life. It turns out that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between yes and no, and thus, if we think about it, we attract it.


Please understand that I am not suggesting we just ignore events and bury our heads in the sand. However, as an exercise when you are next out and about, and looking at life, as it were, look at things from the two perspectives of a negative and positive outlook. This will certainly take practice at first, but you will virtually be able to turn every thing that happens into a good situation if you choose to. You will find that things begin to settle into place for you. This is what I found with team success as well when I went online to work in a group of like minded marketers.


Now my point is to therefore be concentrating on all the things that you want. In fact, it is even more effective to actually imagine, and visualise your experience in as much detail as possible like the smells and emotions when you walk into your new home, as an example, or perhaps drive your new car and smell the leather on the seats.


This is more effective than imagining that you are going to lose your home because you are behind in your repayments. Rather, think about ideas for new income generating ideas, like report writing or creation of a membership site.

We really can experience the law of attraction in our lives.


In fact, we already are.


However, for most of us, without the right training or mentorship, we will be manifesting very much less than we can be if we apply the techniques as taught by the Law of Attraction.


I think the best way to explain this is to recognize that the  universe brings to us exactly what we ask for, and often no less and no more. The reason for this is that many of us are simply not prepared to make the difference to our goals processes and to learn the methods of the attraction factor. What I am saying is that all of these issues are dependent on the way we think, and work subconsciously. I have found from  my experience, as well as my reading and study that when we expect certain things to happen, we are able to program our subconscious mind which is much more powerful than our conscious mind.  All our actual problems and ‘comunications’ with other world consciousness systems happens by our subconscious minds and the term ‘sleeping on it’ really comes to the fore.


I have found that when I expect the best in a situation, I always tell myself  ‘that or something better’  as it is very important to manage these principles in this way.


More often than not, when I allow for something better, I still work towards the original goal, but always allow for the process to unfold as it will, naturally, because I have inevitably received better than I planned and have willingly and openly allowed for it to come to me. This is what I wish for you as well.


I have created a membership program where you are able to subscribe for a year, and receive weekly reports to encourage you on our journey. They are generic reports that ca help you in many different areas of your life, and are also intended as a source of inspiration.


I have included a link to these reports if you are interested in pursuing this option. I have found that I have benefited greatly by joining similar programs and receiving encouragement and ideas to help me through.

Experiencing the law of attraction in our lives is very powerful. We already do experience this law, but may need to train our minds to work with it correctly to receive the results we want, rather than what we are currently receiving, if these are not in congruence.